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The Flutter open-source UI software development kit was created by Google. From a single codebase, it is used to construct cross-platform apps for Google Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and the web.
With just one codebase, you can create a native mobile application. This implies that you may construct two distinct apps using a single programming language and codebase (for iOS and Android).

Why Flutter?

Flutter, in contrast to other frameworks, enables the use of the same logic and user interface for mobile applications operating on several platforms. It doesn’t require any additional platform-specific UI components and works directly with a canvas.
Every step of the software engineering process, from UI development to testing, is expedited by Flutter for the programmer. It places a bet on pre-made widgets as a tool for workflow efficiency, allowing developers to bypass a number of time-consuming tasks while still creating apps that feel and look native.
The time to market for apps created using Flutter is twice as short. Programmers may construct a single codebase for a variety of platforms by using Flutter. Additionally, this framework offers a declarative API for building an interface that improves speed while performing visual adjustment tasks.
The most appealing cross-platform choice is Flutter. It features an easy-to-understand framework and provides speedy time-to-market, making it very advantageous for business owners who intend to target a specific niche with a big concept and a tight budget.

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