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Web Hosting and Domain Name

Your domain name is used as the address when someone inserts the URL for your website into their browser’s address bar to view it.
Web hosting refers to the place where the files for your website are stored. It is equivalent to the real residence on your website.
If the domain name were the address of your home, then web hosting would be the real residence that the address refers to.
Every internet-based website requires web hosting.
Web hosting and domain names are two distinct services. However, they collaborate to enable websites.

Why do I need a domain name and Webhosting?

Your domain name is connected to an IP address, which is a collection of numbers and letters that establishes your internet address. Domain names will give your brand or business respectability while also making it simpler for people to find you online. A recognizable website may help to attract customers to your business. While employing SEO to raise your search engine rating, marketing can help you become more prominent online. Without a domain name, people would have to memorize your IP address. You might have trouble remembering it or be prone to forget it, which would prohibit you from ever extending the audience of your website.
You need servers in order for your website to be accessed online. Your web host provides and maintains dependable servers to ensure that users of your website have access at all times. They will also act as your domain’s registrar, sending ICANN your domain name’s registration request along with your IP address.

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